Hi, my name is Ryan Younger and I am a London based UX and UI designer.  I have been working  as a contractor specialising in websites and mobile apps for 10 years now.  Prior to this I worked in the IT field focussing on website infrastructure for companies including Microsoft and the MoD.  Having worked across several dozen different projects for companies ranging from startups to large multinationals I have a broad experience of both methodologies (Agile with scrum, lean, waterfall) and tools to get the job done. I am extremely proficient with Photoshop, Illustator, Axure, OmniGraffle, Sketch and Balsamiq.

In addition to this real-world experience I have also been working on completing a Computing PhD focussed on user-centred design within the field of culture and interfaces.  I feel this exposure to both real-world design and academic rigor gives me an edge over some of the competition.  On this site I will give an overview of some of my favourite projects over the last decade.  If you want to hire me please send me a message.  Thank you.